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Standards Based Reporting Information

Zionsville Community Schools adopted Standards Based Reporting at the middle level in 2016.  Below are some documents and videos that we hope will help describe our journey toward implementation at ZWMS.
  • SBR Board Presentation on May 9, 2016
  • Assessment Letter sent to parents in May 2016
  • Zero through Four Grading Scale Information
Teacher Talks:  What we have learned about assessments?  (Video #1)
Teacher Talks:  What changes teachers have made professionally to help students be successful in understanding what they know and can do?  (Video #2)
Teacher Talks:  Why is moving to the 0-4 Grading System a more fair approach than the 100 point scale? (Video #3)
Teacher Talks:  When is taking the simple average (mean) not the best representation of what a student knows?  (Video #4)
Teacher Talks:  How do you hope Standards Based Reporting will impact the experience of students, parents, and teachers?  (Video #5)