Counselors Contact Information


Counselor Contact Information 

Zionsville West School Counseling Department

School Counselors work on a two year rotational loop with grades 5/6 and 7/8.


5/6 Counselors

7/8 Counselors

Mrs. Laura Dyer

[email protected]

Ext. 10981

Mrs. Melissa Toney-Kelley

Ext. 10982

Mrs. Avory Freund

[email protected]

Ext. 10980

Mr. Jesse Winger

[email protected]

Ext. 10983





6 Grade (2023-2024)

 Grade 5 (2023-2024)

7 Grade (2023-2024)

8 Grade (2023-2024)


Abby Akeright - Counseling Administrative Assistant & Building Registrar - ext. 10117
Elise Barba - Administrative Assistant - ext. 10119
The mission of the Zionsville West Middle School Counseling Program is to enable all students to experience educational success by providing guidance in the areas of academic, career, and citizenship development; counseling to help students overcome challenges that interfere with learning; and advocacy for an environment that supports high achievement for all students.  Through the school counseling program, students become successful learners, responsible citizens, and productive members of a global economy.