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E-Day Information

The School Board has approved six E-Days for ZCS middle schools in the 2021-22 school year.  Students will participate in electronic learning days on September 15, 2021, October 27, 2021, November 17, 2021, February 16, 2022, March 23, 2022 and April 13, 2022. Students will receive their instruction and work online and will have the opportunity to communicate with teachers if necessary.

E-days provide students with the opportunity to learn skills in managing electronic learning, developing academic self-sufficiency and independence, and provide middle school staffs with opportunities to collaborate to improve classroom teaching. The Indiana Department of Education approved six E-days for the next school year, but district leaders chose to implement four days next year based on parent feedback.

Middle School principals will communicate with current and incoming parents about the E-Days for the coming school year. Supervised study halls, lunch availability for students who qualify and services to students with special learning needs will continue to be available on these days.