ZWMS Ended Perimeter Lockdown Communication

The perimeter lockdown has been lifted and all students are entering school.

A small ammunition container was found on school grounds as the morning commute of ZWMS's 1100 students and staff was underway. Law enforcement and school officials did all search of campus protocols and began slow intake of students based on use of handheld metal detector wands. Our technology officials were isolating the video of that spot on campus and identified the vehicle minutes ago--contacted the parent and utilized law enforcement advice to determine the complete lack of threat from this matter. The weapon associated with the inadvertently spilled ammunition container is at the family's home and is secure. We are proceeding with a school day.

This is 2018 in school safety. I am typing this message as an after action review is beginning with eight local law enforcement officials, including Sheriff Nielsen. We are fortunate to have such responsive and well-equipped law enforcement professionals and ZCS school safety officials on point when matters like this unfold. 

All the best.


Scott Robison, Superintendent