8th Grade

Grades 7 & 8 Core Academic Supply List 2023-2024

Updated 5/18/23

Individual General Supplies

These supplies should be brought to every class each day and labeled with student’s name for individual use. This comprehensive supply list will cover all required materials for academic classes.

· Pencil bag

· Pencils and pens

· Red pen

· Colored pencils

· Highlighters

· Pack of post-its

· TI-30X IIS calculator

· Ear buds/headphones (to be kept with computers at all times) *Used daily and for assessments, so they must be dependable!

· 1 package of loose-leaf paper

· Separate sturdy folders (one for each class) OR accordion-style folder for different subjects

· Laptop case or messenger bag to carry charger and earbuds (Please label charger with name.)

Math & Science Supplies

· 2 small dry erase markers (Math)

· 1 single subject spiral notebook (Math)

· 8th grade: 1 composition notebook

· 7th grade: ½ inch three-ring binder instead of notebook (Science)

Language Arts

· 7th grade: 1 composition notebook

· 8th grade: writing utensils, folder, highlighters

Social Studies

· 7th grade: 1 inch 3-ring binder

· 8th grade: 2 notebooks (Wojas/Yo) and 3-Ring Binder w/separators (Wojas)


· 7th grade: Kleenex

· 8th grade: Kleenex

World Languages Supplies

· 1 notebook

· 2 small dry eraser markers

PLTW Supplies

· 1 notebook

· Graph paper

· Highly recommended for TinkerCAD: Computer mouse, wired or wireless

· Empty 2 liter soda bottle

Optional Supplies

· Personal Planner

· 3X5 notecards

· Glue Stick

· Thin/Skinny Markers

· Locker shelf

· Computer mouse

Book Bags

Book bags must be sized to fit inside locker. Please be aware that the “wheeled” book bags do not fit in the lockers. Backpacks must be kept in the locker during the school day. Students are not allowed to carry backpacks from class to class; however, they are expected to use the cases for school-issued netbooks and it is recommended that they bring a small case for home computers. Chargers and ear buds must be kept with computers at all times. (PLEASE LABEL CHARGER WITH NAME.)