5th Grade

 Updated 5/20/2022

5th Grade

We request no additional locker shelves as they cause the locks to jam.  Also, please no stickers or tape on the outside of lockers. Page 9 of the Handbook states, "Students are not permitted to apply stickers, duct tape, glue or any other damaging adhesive to the inside or outside of any locker."  


Computer Bags & Zipped Binders/Trapper Keeper MUST fit in lockers



1 composition notebook 

1 two pocket folder 

basic (simple) calculator- optional 

pens and pencils (personal pencil sharpener recommended) 


Expo markers and eraser 




  • 2 packs of 12 pre-sharpened pencils 
  • 1 glue stick 
  • Colored pencils (24 pack) 
  • 2 black sharpies- THIN 
  • 2 pkgs of post-it notes 
  • 2 2-pocket folders 
  • 1 composition notebook 
  • Boys- Lysol Wipes Girls: Kleenex  



1 composition notebook 

Dry erase markers / eraser